53 Tuart Road, Oakford WA 6212

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Welcome to Birnam Nursery.

Birnam Nursery's humble beginnings started when Robert Bentley found a large plant growing at a house in the Darling Ranges. After an excited dash to his home in Canning Vale he informed his wife Ivy that he was going to grow this plant which he later found out was an azalea..

Within 6 months the horse stables had been modified as a potting and dispatch shed.

With all the information on growing azaleas coming from Europe, America or the Eastern States of Australia, Robert started to reinvent the way azaleas were grown. Birnam Nursery became one of the largest growers of azaleas in Australia.

On the 8th of January 1981 Birnam Nursery was officially registered as the “Home of Azaleas” and in September the same year Robert’s first large order was placed to begin the growth of the nursery to a stage of over 500,000 plants per year.

As time progressed his son Terry and son in law Detlef took over the day to day running of the nursery and introduced a wider range of plants to compliment the azaleas. In 2000 Robert retired, sold the land in Canning Vale.

Terry and Detlef moved the nursery to its present location in Oakford. In 2008 Terry and his wife Sheila became the sole owners of Birnam nursery.

Azaleas are still a large part of the business, however the nursery is now Western Australia's largest supplier of cyclamen as well as producing a large range of indoor and tropical plants including ferns, cordylines, dieffenbachias and calatheas.